I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite kitchen gadgets that are a must have in my kitchen. Without these, my baking would not be the same. As I continuing  baking, I am constantly finding new gadgets to add to my list and I will make sure to post them on here as well. 🙂



My Kitchen Aid 5 Quart Mixer is probably my number one favorite kitchen equipment that I own. It has allowed me to make loads of amazing cookies, cupcakes, breads, and more. I worked at a bread company for a while and they had a Kitchen Aid mixer but it was the small 4 quart size. To be honest, I was not a fan at the time. I thought it was too small. I then got the 5 quart mixer for myself and I fell in love. It was the perfect size. I recently bought a 6 quart Kitchen Aid mixer for my café and when I start to use it I will let you know how it is. I am sure I will love it.






This attachment for the Kitchen Aid Mixer was a wonderful investment and I recommend anyone who has a Kitchen Aid Mixer to go out and purchase one. My mixer came with a paddle and it is great but then I got this paddle with the rubber sides to help scrap the sides of the bowl while mixing. It is AMAZING! I hardly ever have to stop and scrap down the side of the bowl again.







A wooden rolling-pin is perfect for rolling cookies and doughs out. I have a French Wooden Rolling-Pin which is thicker in the center and gets thinner on the ends. It is basically a giant piece of wood. It does not have handles. I love it because it makes me have better control (those rolling pins with the handles and barrels start spinning and it sounds like an airplane is going to take off) and helps me have better control of how much pressure I am putting on the dough.





My cookie scoop is wonderful for making the perfect size cookie. It also makes every cookie the same size which is very important for baking evenly.






Strainer/ Sifter: Sifting your flour is important when baking because it helps give your cookies that fluffy texture. I use to have one of those sifters where you would pile it into this canister looking object and squeeze the handle to make the bottom turn. Well that was just a mess to work with and cleaning it was a nightmare. I finally asked for one of these inexpensive mesh strainers/ sifters for Christmas and it is one of my favorite things. I got one that would fit over a large bowl and hold quite a bit of dry ingredients.





This here is a small strainer/sifter. It is very inexpensive and works wonders for dusting powder sugar over your baked goodies. I also use it for straining sauces that have seed or large chunks that need to be removed. The large strainer above would work as well but this one is a little more convenient for smaller purposes.






Toothpicks… Wooden Toothpicks to be exact. These are great tools to determine if your baked good is done. I definitely keep stocked up on this item.





A Digital Thermometer is a must in my kitchen. My main purpose for this was for when I was baking chicken. I use to cut into the chicken to see if it was done but each time I made chicken I seemed to always be having issues on over cooking. They would not be juicy. So I decided to go out and buy a digital thermometer. I cook my chicken until the perfect temperature and the result it juicy and flavorful chicken. All my meats I have cooked have turned out 100 percent better than before.

Another reason I got it was to help when cooking breads and doughs. Especially my cinnamon rolls. I always temp the centers to 165 degrees to know they are done. This gadget has been a lifesaver!




This icing spatula is perfect when I need to ice cookies, cupcakes, or cakes. It is a small angled spatula and perfect for easy frosting. I have not gone out and bought a large icing spatula which would be more ideal for icing cakes. Maybe it will be an item on my Christmas List. 😉





So you are making roll out cookies or some dough that needs rolling out. You are finished and it is time to clean up. Removing all that flour and possibly caked on dough is going to be a pain to clean up. This amazing dough scraper is one of my ultimate favorite kitchen tools that I own. It is all plastic and perfect for scrapping down tables without scratching them or ruining the surface. You can use it to cut dough and it also has a measuring ruler on it. It is kind of perfect! If you are looking around for them and can not find a plastic one, just let me know and I can give you suggestions of where some might be. 🙂


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