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Blackened Tilapia


I really enjoy fish and I am always trying to find new recipes that sound tasty. I use to only eat fish if it was battered and fried. Then I finally decided to try fish not covered in batter. To my amazement I loved it. I was in the mood for something spicy one night and I had some fish in the freezer…. I know frozen fish is not going to be as good as fresh fish but it was what I had on hand. I search the internet for something spicy and remembered I had a blackened chicken the other night and it was divine. So that is where my blackened tilapia came from. Of course you could use any type of fish really. I love tilapia so I went for it. The flavors were perfect!

I found my recipe on Food Network by Bobby Flay. It is basically the same recipe except I bake mine in the oven instead of on the stove. I hope you all enjoy!

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