Monthly Archives: June 2011



I finally have my own garden! Of course it is nothing big… but I think it is perfect. I did not know if I would be able to tend a garden as I do not know a thing about it but I went to our local Farmers Market and talked to some experts on the subject. My herbs are growing like crazy and I am already snipping away at them to add them to my dishes. I will have to say using fresh herbs in a dish adds so much flavor and growing them in my back yard saves me so much money. I definitely recommend starting a herb garden.

The herbs I have are Cilantro, Italian Basil, Rosemary, and mint and I am looking forward to adding them to as many dishes as possible. These are some of my favorite herbs. When I was at the market I wanted to get every type possible but right now I am going to stick with the basic herbs that I already know about.

I am looking forward to using these in my recipes I share with everyone….. now off to tend my garden 🙂


Let the magic begin!


Hey everyone! This is officially my first blog ever and I am excited. I love to bake and attempt at cooking. I always bring new baked goods into my work or have my friends and families taste them. I love all of their opinions. They are my personal judges!

Many people have asked me for the recipes over the years so I figured why not start a blog and let everyone taste my goodies. Hopefully others will try these recipes and give me comments on how their turned out. Even if they have a tweaked version of them. I love to learn new twists and turns to recipes I have tried.

I never went to culinary school but have thought about it. Hopefully with this blog I will be able to learn new things and teach other as much as I possibly can. I will tell you my successes and failures on all my recipes. One day I hope to own my own bakery and hopefully from trial and error I will find some tastefully scrumptious recipes to add to my menu.